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Just Thoguht I'd Introduce Myself...

Hi, everyone!
Hope you don't mind that I've made a nice li'l niche here, I wasn't really looking for it...but I did. ^_^

Um, my name's Jess, I'm 16 and am perhaps one of the biggest fans of Kirby Morrow. I love the guy to bits...and I'm being dead serious.

I was actually crazy one time and almost rented a movie that I did not want to see, just because he was in it. Crazed or what? ^_^

Anyways, I think my favourite character that he does the voice for is Van from Escaflowne. I own an Esca DVD; they were expensive at the store where I bought it, and I actually cried when I watched it in Japanese.

I was all like, "I want my Kirby Morrow!! Waaaah!!! I miss Morrow-sama!!!!" and was just totally whacked...

Oh boy...I really hate these introductions I do...they get stupider and stupider each time I make them. *laughs*
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