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Kirby is...

The smex!!! I met him for the first time last weekend...and he was so AMAZING!! And he was really funny too. I got some great pics :D I'll try and post them when I can.

I'd have to say that my fondest memory of him is him offering to make out with Seriously. I told him that I felt bad for not having a birthday card, so I was going to give him a big birthday kiss. And he was like "OH YEAH!!! Let's go make out!!!" I was like OMG!!!! But I kept my cool and just laughed saying "Sorry Kirby...but I'm Scott's girl."(I was wearing a tank top that read "Property of Scott McNeil"XD) and he was like "AWE!"

But yeah...I got lots of hugs. And I gave him many birthday kisses, as well as a birthday card that myself and my younger brother made.

AND!!!! He gave me POCKY!!! I was like YAY!!! I got some Kirby pocky. I'd wanted to keep it and not eat started to melt so I had to eat it...:cries:

Oh well. Can't wait to see him again. I miss him...:(
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