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Haha. Yay for Kirby! He was my first favorite VA!

Though, he's not my all-time favorite...Sorry. That would be Mr. Greg Ayres. ^_^

Anyway...Kirby Morrow rocks! And so does his co-workers! Like Paul Dobson! I met Paul and he's awesome. Ahah. Scott McNeil rocks, too. Yay.

Kirby's just awesome...I really want to go to a con that he's attending. Also, Kirby's like uber sexeh. Mhm. Yummy. I don't know what else to say...

Oh! Everyone...Go watch Avalanche Alley! This has probably alreayd been mentioned, but who cares? Kirby plays Jakes in it. Jake rocks. He moons the screen. XD So go watch it if you haven't!

Uhm...Uhm...I don't know what else to say. Oh! I can make avatars or wallpapers of him if you want! So you can ask me about that, too.

Ja Ne for now!
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